Day 341 – Positives or not as the case may be

Today I was looking forward to catching up with Stevie G for a coffee this afternoon at Wymondham Leisure Centre, unfortunately we had to postpone due to a spoon shortage. A restless night and a set of severe spasms this morning left me in severe discomfort. Had I had no other engagements today I would have gone but this evening was that monthly get together otherwise known as a Wymondham Town Council Meeting – I swear I could write a play over recent events, only I am wondering who to cast in certain roles……………… There was no clear outcome from today’s meeting which was to be expected but at least alternatives are now being considered so like all movements that I make baby steps and small progress is better than no progress!

In all seriousness I needed to be at the meeting tonight to discuss matters close to my heart that I have now been working on for months, in fact over a year now and still are ongoing, unfortunately those are the choices we make on low spoon days, do I do something that I want to do and have been looking forward to or something that I have to do. Coffee has been postponed for a fortnight and I will be back in the water soon I hope!

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