Day 342 – Positives – Wednesday

Yesterday was a very busy day, so much so that I was too exhausted and too intrigued to write these yesterday.

We went to the park with Granddad (not Wymondham obviously they’re not overly accessible had I mentioned that at any point hehehe) and having had some fun there (I was once again on camera duty and got some lovely pictures, well I like them anyway and that is all that matters) we then went out for lunch and had a lovely time.

In the evening it was the Norfolk Against Chronic Pain support group’s monthly meeting. We talked about Hydrotherapy as two of the ladies have done it already and I am now even more excited. We spoke about the pro’s and con’s of the Motability scheme and how exhausting transferring in and out of cars is when you are trying them. Also the things you forget that you need as the extras. We also spoke about little cheats and I got excited over vacuum cleaners of all things and one that was mentioned that is so light yet powerful that I could use it in my wheelchair, I am going to have to see if this is true and bizarrely ask the shops to allow me to try them. It was lovely seeing people again and sharing all our top tips, and we are looking forward to recruiting more people to join us soon.

One of our members commented last night how the meetings had given her the courage to start going out and socialising again having been a hermit for a long time. Remarkably as we went around the room we all said the same thing and it just goes to show how the support group had given us more than we had realised.

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