Day 344 – Positives 

Today was an up and down day and not it a good way, the positives were however in no particular order speaking to my little brother, texting B and getting a reply, having a chat and text with my Scottish brother, cleaning the stainless steel plug (one job I can do sat down and with just an e-cloth and a little elbow grease it’s like magic) and put the cleaning cycles on the dishwasher and washing machines (can’t fill ’em but can do that) celebrating the successes 

4 thoughts on “Day 344 – Positives 

        1. Yes, huge Star Wars fan, was enjoying reading about your pets. We had a LG a few years back had she been a boy she was going be Harrison after Han. Our local radio DJ is a fellow fan (know him through a friend) he has three dogs called Obi, Leia and Vader! We are not alone that is for sure!

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