Establishing a view is a good way of capturing a scene, Street is the topic for day 2, and whilst getting up high climbing some steps or some other interesting angle for today’s challenge I am going to have to rely on my back catalogue of photos. I do not have the strength to go out today and am conserving spoons so I am in the best possible health for the end of the month (I am honoured to be Best Man at a wedding so need no further relapses).

I have found a couple of interesting street scenes, one is of a Sri Lankan Street Market (with hindsight and the tips of taking steps back I would have captured more of the image, the next is from January 2013 the last time we had a decent amount (for Norfolk, UK) of snow, we went for a walk to the shops and got caught in a snow shower on the way home and lastly various views of the London Millennium Footbridge with St Paul’s Cathedral one end, the Tate Modern the other and a wobble over the Thames in between. Couldn’t live in London myself, too much of a country boy in me but I love these images of the old and new buildings and how they blend together.


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