This is the second photography course I have signed up to and it is to help give me ideas and concepts for my Photos 4 Therapy Blog that I have recently started and now run alongside this blog. The purpose of that blog is to encourage me to go out and “live” and to capture moments of the day as I do. Previously I shied away from the public and hidden away on family days out embarrassed by my mobility scooter or wheelchair. Following my journey towards acceptance I have begun to be happy with myself again and realised following a conversation from another blogger that “fromacertainpointofview” my photography is unique from my wheelchair. This challenge is tough though because home means so much to me, it is all the family and friends who help me each week, those who have helped me on my journey to acceptance, those who helped me work for many years after my accident, the list is endless.

I have after much deliberation chosen a picture from my wedding day with three of the best mates you could ever wish for. They represent home to me, having at times all given me refuge at periods in my life when I have needed it. Sometimes we go far too long in between catching up but when we do it is like we saw one another yesterday, the fact it is taken in a pub just adds to the perfect place where we’ve spent hours together.

SAM_5483 (3)
L to R: Ben W, Me, Andy K, Andrew B

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