Respect seems to be coming a thing of the past for many Brits……..

…………..I say this slightly tongue in cheek as I know there are so many respectful people out there, it just seems that generally people have less time for others. There are no more apologies when you bump in to someone (4 times today in my invisibility mobility scooter), no more waiting in queues (again must have been my invisibility mobility scooter), a lady pushed in front of me whilst I was waiting for the disabled toilet today, and when I said excuse me she huffed and puffed and said my LG didn’t need nappy changing facilities. I calmly explained no she doesn’t, however I need the grab rails to get on and off the toilet, then followed more puttering and moaning from her as she started dragging her child away.

Last week whilst my wife (all 5ft 2″ of her) stood at a bar waiting to order food for our lunch 3 other tables got up and all ordered ahead of her, fortunately our LG was happily playing with Granddad whilst we waited a very long time for food.

Where we live we are slap bang in the middle of two school drop off points and regularly we are blocked in our drives/road and it is purely at result of inconsiderate parking. Now we have all been there running late, kids filling nappies as we leave the house or being sick so it’s a quick change before work and so on, but none of this means you go and park on double yellow lines (if you are not a blue badge holder), or blocking in a resident but it seems more and more that people just seem so wrapped up in themselves that we have stopped thinking of others – and that just isn’t a happy world, or the way we bring our children up. They say please and thank you, wait for others, open doors for people and so on, it is how I was raised, how I still behave (best as I can in a wheelchair or on my crutches) and I firmly believe that if we all just slowed down a little and thought of others the world would be a happier place. Think before you get aggressive in your car, or you walk by a homeless person and so on and always remember that you never know how the other person’s day has been, what news they’ve just received and so on.

The reason why I say losing respect is a British thing is the horrible actions we have seen from extremist terrorists, yes I say terrorists with the hate mail and petrol bombing of foreign shops and so on. Why do I say terrorists, I say it because if the actions had been carried out from certain other minority groups on “British” businesses and families it is what the press would have been calling it.Yesterday whilst visiting Gran we popped out to get some fish and chips for lunch and my wife and LG went to get some shopping whilst I sat in the car outside the chip shop. I went into spasm and was trying to stand up and couldn’t. I called out to two groups of people walking past with local regional accents who looked at me and carried on. Then a man came running over and in an eastern European accent says “you help need up” . I was close to the point of tears and said yes please. He helped me stand up, got me comfortable on my crutches, checked I was OK and then left as quickly as he had arrived whilst I was thanking him profusely. Now I am not a fan of describing people by their nationality/race/colour/disability or any other characteristic as to me we are all as the BFG would say Human Beans (reading the BFG to my LG and it makes me laugh Human Beans). I have however in this instance made the distinction to highlight the fact that the person who saw I was in pain and helped me was one of these people we should be turning it on. I think it just goes to show that none of us should ever judge a book by it’s cover, that none of us have the right to be rude or inconsiderate to others, that we all have it within our power how we react to such incidents and most of all that we all have it in us to make a difference or a change in someone’s life purely by taking a few minutes in our day to listen, or to help someone. All of this can help the world to be a better place………..our differences are what make us all unique………….. Just a thought!

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