Today was productive for me I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to advisors through the CAB and the Equality Advisory Support Service. Like it or not the Equality Act is there to protect people who face adversity and barriers, and despite the fact that it is incredibly difficult to take action under the act, there are very few local solicitors who seem to want to take cases on and an extreme amount of red tape, deception and bureaucracy in the way. From someone who’s exhausted just with living it is hardly surprising that many people do not take on the big guns, the medium guns or even the small guns. In fact the small guns are more likely to deal with you, do what is right and listen to you in my experience.

I made some headway I think, but I am being stalled and I am fed up of getting no answers and being treated like that annoying fly that comes in when a window is open as opposed to a human being with feelings and a desire to engage and play with his child. I will work on a way forward quickly.

I also got caught in a torrential shower today, so what did I do – Grab my camera of course look at these shots a quickly flooded patio area, huge droplets and splashes and a chink of light – is that the light at the end of the tunnel? It is always there if you look hard enough!


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