………Having finally come to terms with and accepting that my mobility scooter has actually opened up a new life to me, allowing me once again to go on days out and lead a life of some description that the time has come to name her/him. As you can see it’s a beautiful blue beast – I asked my ‘friends’ on social media for some suggestions and it is now time to vote for your favourite

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The naming options to vote on are;

  1. WAGon (after Wymondham Access Group)
  2. Bucephalus (after Alexander the Great’s Horse)
  3. The Seachy Mobile
  4. Millennium Falcon II (I am Chewie after all)
  5. Rogue Shadow (I may like Star Wars a little)
  6. Seachbiscuit (a good interpretation of Seabiscuit)
  7. Seach Machine
  8. Besty
  9. Rebel
  10. Wheels on Fire
  11. Neil’s on Wheels
  12. Chong (as in Seach (Cheech) and Chong)
  13. Velma
  14. Bob
  15. Scooty McScootface

Please can you vote either commenting with the number or name……………………Then I will order the winning name as a number plate πŸ™‚ – Thank goodness nobody said Scooty McScootface – OK due to public demand Scooty McScootface is a late entry!

I will on your voting get it down to the top 3 or 4 and I have tweeted @thelastleg #isitok to see if their viewers can decide in the end πŸ™‚

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