Day 357 – Positives Thursday

Today I had an afternoon cuppa with Tony V the person behind the Wymondham & Attleborough Talking Newspaper for the visually impaired who has been instrumental in supporting me setting up Wymondham Access Group. We were discussing ideas for an event in November to fund raise for a piece of access equipment to give some independence and dignity to local people as part of a series of events created out of Lemon Day which is the first Saturday of November.

Tony understands people with disabilities and the impact that it has on day to day lives and wasn’t offended that it was a dry house. Actually truth be told he offered to get me drinks and I told him he could make himself one, our house is very much that relaxed and informal make your own drinks as most people understand I am a fairly poor host.

There are a number of ideas I now need to speak to others about and hopefully a more formal “press release” will soon be announced as we will be working in partnership with many other organisations.

Tony could see that after a while of talking I was getting exhausted and politely excused himself. It was good to see him and have things to look forward to.

We also put together our pirates treasure chest for the pirate carnival!

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