Day 358 – Positives

Today’s positives are all about using a few spoons for some domestic chores, firstly with some help I have in the slow cooker filling the bungalow with a lovely smell the makings of Beef Stew and Dumplings.

Secondly they say all homes have that “man” drawer full of all sorts of odds and ends and rubbish and stuff you never use and so on, the joke in our bungalow is that it is my wife who keeps the Man Cupboard, I’d throw it all away. Well today I cleaned the bottom out and have put our new dyson v6 triggerpro hand held hoover (at last something light enough for me to be able to use and help with some of the house work, and with the extension kit cobwebs even from my wheelchair are going to become, with pacing a thing of less frequency in our home) and extension kit in the man cupboard on charge.Two small things, but two less things my family will have to do.

Finally after only 35 minutes I’d booked repeat prescriptions and an appointment at my GP’s for a week today. Who says we need more services for all the new homes being built cough cough.

Celebrate the small successes!

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