Day 361 – Positives

So in the final week, and year two will be up, what a week it is too. Remember bro if we can help in anyway over the next few days just give us a shout. Today I have been nursing a bruised arm and stiff neck and this is not helping my photo posing practice for Saturday!

I have however had a lot of fun with my LG today I was the BFG at breakfast, then we did Star Wars Jigsaw puzzles before watching Toy Story 1 & 2! Then Pirates, teenage mutant ninja turtles (sorry for her shooting at you Birdie) and Scooby Doo in the afternoon.

This evening I really plowed in to my best man speech (thanks for the help Wife – NOT, Jason Perni she is not FUNNY), for someone who usually has so much to say I get nervous thinking about this. All I can say is that I hope the Bride has warned her family about me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 361 – Positives

  1. You’ll be great bro, and you always gauge people really well so won’t fail to hit the mark (just don’t hit uncle mark).

    I know bro, I’m the same, worried about speech when normally I’m quite capable.

    We’ll be fine bro and can shake, tremble and sweat it out together then we’ll say our chosen words and be able to enjoy the wedding breakfast and celebrations xxx.

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    1. Thanks bro, I’m sure you’ll be fine it will be the happiest day of your life (other than when you met me hahaha 😂) I am looking forward to sharing the day with you both well all except 1 0 minutes or so x

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