Day 364 – Positives 

Today the weather and an unforseen emergency put pay to taking my LG out on our first nursery trial run. Now I know this sounds a crazy thing to do having lived and breathed my hometown pretty much all of my near 40years and there isn’t a cut through I don’t know but gone are the days where journeys didn’t need planning. I need to work out which cut through my scooter or chair gets through,  those fantastic bars to stop mopeds/bikes/cycles etc also stop me, then there’s the issue of planning dropped kerbs with least amount of roads to cross and timing. It did mean that we did some cleaning out of old toys and I have to say my LG was certainly no trouble here. Gradually we are getting to see floor space and after many, many months of work an ending in sight for stage 3 the kitchen, just a couple of hearths and a ramp to go and the world’s my oyster as long as it’s within my battery life, the weather is good and I have spoons to use. 

I also found Timon today so it’s back to singing Hakuna Matata and logged in to two fantasy football sites, better get up to date on transfers I suppose….. 

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