Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow – Issues for wheelchair users

The topic of Narrow when it came up in the daily post weekly photo challenge conjured up entirely different images for me, as a wheelchair user narrow means obstructions, narrow means going into the road, narrow means not being able to get down aisles, into restaurants, toilets, out of cars and so on. So for me here are a few snaps that show how difficult it can be, and how with a little more thought life should be simpler. I am not going to name and shame the businesses as I believe in education and conversation so they can understand how difficult it makes life.

Firstly a disabled bay with the bins of the business in the yellow hatching area making it impossible for me to open my door wide enough to get out of my car and for my wife to get my wheelchair alongside

SAM_9457 (2)

Next shopping aisles with all those bargain bins, extra stock for people to see and specials at each end mean I cannot get down them, especially as most shop floor space is at a premium I get that, but a little thought makes for a more pleasant shopping experience

DSC_0174 (2)

Cars that don’t think where the park and leave far too narrow a gap for wheelchairs or pushchairs to get past. Especially when rolling back a foot or two and moving 20cms off the path make all the difference. I know housing estates are small, roads are narrow and cars get bigger but people also don’t think about others especially when the dropped kerbs leave a lot to be desired.

SAM_2003 (2)

Finally my hallway, it is narrow although just wide enough to negotiate with the widened doors and building, and I thought that I would include this as many a night has been spent laying here as I have fallen over and managed to do it in the most awkward and difficult place to get up again. Fortunately my family laugh, take photo’s, keep my spirits up and act out whats happening on the TV

DSC_0176 (2)

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