Day 365 – Positives

If it wasn’t for the leap year, year 2 would end today, however the beauty of the leap year means that my second year of positives will end on a far more fitting final day.

I have today been pulling out my hair (well if I had any) on how to sort out some square pegs and round holes thanks to some dodgy advice from a company. I will get the Kitchen accessible for me to cook again even if it is just cheese on toast!

Been going through my final checks for tomorrow, head shaved, speech printed, toast with my bro had this evening and plans are all falling into place. My biggest thanks though goes to a lovely lady who arrived in the Tantive today who said some lovely things to me this evening when I was having a wobble about the type of “best man” that I am. Sometimes kind words from different or unexpected sources really lift you, even though they are the same as what others say to you, for others to see it too means a lot so thanks L here’s to spoons tomorrow.

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