Today is the end of my second year of sharing positives on social media and blogs and it has been a really positive and therapeutic journey for me, reminding me on my worse days of simple achievements and on my best days of major accomplishments. 

There is no more befitting an end to my second year than to have been best man at my brother from a Scottish mothers wedding today. It was a perfect day shared amongst family and friends. 

Andy has always been there for me, through the good times and the bad so to be part of his day with the now Mr and Mrs B was an extra special way to end my second year. 

I have wobbled so many times over whether I was the right man to do it and my bro has been unwavering in the knowledge that I was,  despite the pain, the extra pressure of access and having me leave early neither he or L have ever had any doubts about having me involved. I have loved every minute of the day even my speech and I can wait to spend many fun years ahead with the new family and friends. Especially looking forward to a cabin in the Highlands with my Scottish Parents Bill and Christine. 

All that is left to be said is Bro I hope you and L have loved your day,  your heads aren’t too sore in the morning and enjoy your honeymoon much love xxx

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