Day 3 – Positives

I couldn’t write these yesterday but without doubt the highlight of the day was a trip to Africa Alive with my brother and his family and our friends L & R. For the most part the weather was kind and the company fantastic. It was also pleasing to see that like so many other attractions now they have their own wheelchairs and a mobility scooter for hire.

Some lovely photo opportunities and when my strength and spoon count has returned I will endeavour to upload some. Unfortunately a fall whilst out meant I could not attend the Council meeting last night but I used the opportunity to build my own character and overcome one of my biggest faults – letting go and asking for help. So I found myself on Day 3 overcoming my first negative. I asked if any of the other members of Wymondham Access Group could go to thank the council for the installation of the doorbell and to see about the new proposed council offices. The vice-chair happily obliged and I despite feeling like I let people down know I didn’t. Small victories!

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