Today, after a few days indoors cabin fever had kicked in so we made the most of the glorious sunshine and walked (well scootered) to Wymondham Rugby Clubs family fun day. There was inflatable fun, me going even more gooey over the dogs that were there for the agility show, (so want a four legged friend), waited a lifetime for some fresh pasta – lovely but needs more cooking pots as cooking for 2 at a time meant we waited 40 minutes with only 4 people in front of us.

I found the rugby pitch ground was very bumpy even with the suspension on my scooter so couldn’t go round the stalls more than once, this said it was lovely getting out for a few hours, a lovely cool refreshing lager shandy and our friends LG being the first to win a football in the knock the balls over competition, this was her final shot, you kicked the white balls and had to knock the yellow balls off. Two off you won a plastic ball, all three a leather ball. She knocked 2 off and was the first of the day. This shot captured the 2 balls flying off in opposite directions very well.

As ever was lovely to see our friends and laugh and joke with them.

SAM_3421 (2)

It was all a little too much for some hehehe

SAM_3455 (2)

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