#Proud that #Wymondham Residents came out in force first thing this morning to have their children playing on the one centrally located, accessible and wheelchair friendly Town Council owned park in Wymondham that has saved the play area for at least another day! It goes to show that our attempts to save the park has really touched the community, so much so the Fairland Cafe sent over hot drinks for the people who had been there since before 8am this morning. Almost all the community are in favour of saving this vital community play area, close to parking, amenities, shops and so on. Many thanks to Cllrs Underwood, Halls and Longhurst who came to speak to us and supported what we were standing (well sitting in my case) up for.

Denise Bradley

Families and people from the Wymondham community protest at the play equipment being removed from Kings Head Meadow as contractors stand by. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

More than 70 people have turned out for a protest against the removal of play equipment from Kings Head Meadow in Wymondham.

Source: Blockade at Wymondham play area – News – Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury

2 thoughts on “Blockade at Wymondham play area – News – Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury

    1. Thanks Kat, it is the only Wheelchair accessible park my Town Council Own, despite building a brand new one last year and promising a path. I have been trying to get answers since February and now they are hiding behind solicitors and still not replying. If nothing else it helps raise awareness of access issues and makes others realise that when communities unite you can at least make a difference.

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