Today it can be only one thing, I have chronicled my access issues to Wymondham Town Council owned play areas over many, many months now and it has left me exhausted, in pain and on many occasions in tears both through pain and seeing my LG upset that we cannot go out and play with her friends because I cannot get to the play area everyone is going to. This has led to me fighting long and hard to ensure the one accessible park remains, whilst other parks get upgraded.

Where are we at – well no other parks have been upgraded and today the diggers were due to move in. However the community of Wymondham did us proud today as over 100 adults and children throughout the day have enjoyed playing in the sunshine and raising the profile, once again the EDP ran a story and local radio also got involved, here’s hoping to extend the publicity further tomorrow.

It killed me physically once again but sometimes you have to stand (or in my case sit) up for what you believe in. That is play and access so I can take my LG to the park, thanks to all those who joined throughout the day.

Denise Bradley

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