Day 10 – Positives

Another day of protesting has left me in excruciating pain, a night of no sleep and my body giving up. However the community have once again come together, fences were erected to keep us out, so we kept the diggers out, Harry Potter opened the fence and the Children spent another day of play.

Donations of food and drink came from the public all day long, as well as local businesses donating water, snacks, chips and curry for those on the tea time watch and we got some coverage on ITV Anglia News, more in the EDP and Wednesday Mustard News and the EDP are expected to arrive on site. So proud of my town.


EDP News Report

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Positives

  1. Yes Linda, amazed, honoured, proud and overwhelmed by the support. The community are already planning community picnics and other things moving forwards. Hopefully this will be the start of big things in Wymondham


  2. The community have really got behind you – it has obviously touched a common nerve. It must be saisfying to discover that so many share your point of view. Well done for putting it out there! I hope the sense of community lasts beyond KHM.

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