Day 11 – Positives 

Today has been a real tough day for me, my body said enough is enough last night and having spent the night in muscle spasm and masses of pain on my reclining chair unable even to reach the controller to move the chair I had to make the sad decision to rest today. One of those days where #ihatemypain. I am however proud that I didn’t push myself to collapsing listened to my fellow protesters and took a break. 

So as I rested the inclement Weather couldn’t even keep the protesters away. First on site was around 4.30am and once again food and drink has been donated by local businesses and individuals supporting but not able to stay all day long and day 3 has seen Mustard TV and the Daily Mail take up the reporting meaning our campaign has gone national. I am so proud that when I first took the council on over another Park they built and failed to put in a pathway I was one person. A very small piece of algae in the North Sea as more and more have taken up the charge and as the King’s Head Meadow has been put in jeopardy that North Sea has shrunk as a whole community or should I say congregation of Alligators  🐊 have shown what you can do when you peacefully unite. 

Rested and fed and watered courtesy of my wife caring for me for the day and family taking us out for lunch and tea I have recharged a little and whilst I am a long way off being fighting fit I am looking forward to tomorrow and seeing new friends, new families and hopefully the first steps in reaching a compromise. I am positive that no matter what you are going through in life sometimes the bigger picture or greater good helps you find yourself. Without this I wouldn’t have a community, created an access group and seen that my hometown is a proud place to be. 

#saveKHM #Wymondham #community

2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Positives 

  1. It’s not often I can say anything positive about the Daily Mail – but they do love a campaign! Surely the council will do something now they have got hold of it.

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