Day 13 (Friday), 14 (Saturday)  & 15 (Today) – Positives 

So having been exhausted after our very successful show of people power I have got completely behind on my positives, I simply couldn’t keep up with everything and so my blog has been neglected, my photography has been neglected even the kitchen remains unfinished sometimes somethings are just more important. 

Friday I had more fun at the park and this included me meeting a lovely teenager called Vicky who is a credit to her parents. She has supported the park all week, tidied, painted, played with the children and represented the polite and amazing attitude of the vast majority of teenagers, not the behaviour some Councillors would lead us to believe. After all we know there are bad eggs in all walks of life without exception. 

Saturday we visited granny with the white hair. I had a long conversation with her about her fear of going out in her wheelchair being a barrier to her as she thinks everyone will look at her. She’s nearly 92 and yet has/is going through the same fears and concerns I have/had using my wheelchair. I will work on this with her over our next few visits. 

In the evening we had a bbq with our Famiends 

Today Sunday having not spent much time in a park recently cough cough we met our good friends for their sons birthing the park. Was lovely to see them and Mrs G and chuffed T loved his present. 

Back on track now and relax….. 

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