Day 21 – Positives 

These are a mixture of Friday and Saturday. 19th is always kept for J his brother and my brother, this year however I also had two important meetings one was with NCC regarding mediation over Kings Head Meadow, I think they were surprised with regard to who we were, the type of people we are and how we the protestors strongly believe there is a compromise to be had that will benefit all parties. 

Perhaps even greater than that was in the morning myself and the treasurer of Wymondham Access Group met with the chair of the South Norfolk Model Flying Club. They contacted us for advice on creating ramped access into their new flying shed. It was brilliant to be contacted and is exactly the approach that we hope other other businesses will adopt. Getting it right first time certainly will save you money and increase your membership Base or customer Base. 

Saturday was a quiet day after the day before, but we did head out for some lunch in a little cafe in Wymondham. 

Then it was an afternoon / evening of rest and recovery. 

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