Day 22 – Positives

Back on track and on time, today has been a very busy day, and I am proud to say I helped with several bits of it. We had a relaxing morning (watching Mo Farah, what an Olympian) and lunch with Granny and Grandad (I stuck to my salad – I will get my bikini body lol), then this afternoon between me, my wife and LG we finished painting the kitchen wall (where the old extractor fan was removed), we filled some of the new cupboards, cooked tomorrow’s spag bol and most importantly, most excitedly and most happily we cleaned and refilled the hot tub, so this time tomorrow I will be once more soaking in a warm 39 degrees with a set of hydrotherapy exercises to do, very, very gently!

I know I didn’t do much to help but I sprayed a hose, chopped 3 onions and painted a a few strokes of red paint.


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