Day 24 – Positives

Today I make no excuses about it being all about my LG. She had her first ever proper swimming lesson, and although due to no hoist we couldn’t figure out how to get me in the pool and out again, she still went in and enjoyed herself. Clearly as it was her first lesson she was not as confident as some of the others in the pool but nonetheless she tried everything she was asked to do, got some good feedback in using some of the floats and her confidence in water and didn’t want to leave. Actually she wants me to take her this weekend. Now for me this is both brilliant and scary. Brilliant because from the hot tub she knows Daddy can play with her for much longer suspended in water and scary because it will mean using the hoist in public for the first time. I gotta get fundraising for the Pool Pod

For her lessons it’s going to need more thought as although the centre were very accommodating and brought the wet side wheelchair for me and were on hand to help we couldn’t figure out how I can get in the pool, I cannot walk down the steps, it is just too painful and in doing so I would not be able to help my LG with her lesson and I want to help her. Maybe I’ll take a slide next time with me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Positives

  1. Health and safety, I suppose. The instructor was in the pool in Australia, so that would satisfy the need for an adult. There were only two in the lesson, as well. I hope you solve the problem of getting in the pool.

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  2. Just a thought – both my grandsons learned to swim in Australia. The younger one is 3 months younger than LG, already has his first certificate, and his Mum didn’t go in the pool with either of them, as she said they might cling to her and be less confident if she was in there. It may even be that she was not allowed in the pool with the children, although I’m not certain about that. She did stay at the side and watch (without saying anything unless asked – I was at one of the sessions). Don’t be too eager to do everything with her – she can and should manage without you sometimes!

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    1. Yes I agree Linda, in these lessons though until she is of school age they have to have an adult with them. I did query it as originally I had thought it would be good for me to do my exercises in the main pool whilst she had her lesson but wasn’t allowed. Not that I’m wishing her life away but it would be good for her as she’s confident enough with hot tub xx


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