Day 26 – Positives

Tired after the fun of yesterday we were hoping for a tired girl and a lazy morning. The heat stopped that as our LG woke up during the night and at her normal time this morning. The forecast thunderstorms did however mean that Bressingham was out and 10 pin bowling was in.

We had the delight in bumping into my brothers in laws when we were there and I discovered that my wife cannot be going to work as she rocked at bowling. To be fair she was playing two under 4’s a 70+ with a dodgy hip, me in my wheelchair so the competition wasn’t exactly hot but still she scored over 150!

Then my LG played her first ever full size game of air hockey and we got black hands from the 2p machines (nice). I felt a bit cheated with my milkshake not quite looking the same as advertised but we had a fun few hours. #milkshakegate


The highlight of the day however was getting home and in the hot tub and my LG showing my wife some of the things she’d done last week in her swim lesson, practise makes perfect and she improved no end just by knowing what was expected #proud

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