From the mouths of babes………..

My LG has on numerous stages made me laugh so much that my body aches. A child’s logic if there is such a thing is so innocent and pure and their imaginations are remarkable. Not a day goes past when I am not thankful for the joy my son and daughter have given me over the years. I wish I had a Dictaphone for everywhere we go because I could write a book on what she says.

Yesterday though was one of those moments that really tickled me. With her grandfather being a farmer it has always been part of growing up for her to know where her food comes from. The vegetables grown, fruit on trees, berries, nuts etc. We have also had several funny conversations about where the various types of meat come from, and whether she likes that animal or not. She has also had us laughing about where eggs come from, and what types of birds lay easter eggs and why don’t we keep them. At the dinosaur park yesterday was however one of the funniest moments in relation to food. Walking around the dinosaur trail we were reading some of the information on the dinosaurs when all of a sudden our LG starts shouting.

“Quick, run, run away, I’m meat, I’m meat and it is a meat eating dinosaur”

The sentence in itself isn’t that funny, however if you can picture 2 pre-school girls squealing in delight, running as fast as they could away from two dinosaurs with strangers looking on, and me whizzing after them on my mobility scooter shouting after them. You couldn’t fault the logic of her though, she is meat and she really made me chuckle.

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