Hydrotherapy Session 2

Today I returned for my second session of hydrotherapy at the NNUH, feeling a little more confident today, and not embarrassed to ask for the hoist. So this was a massive plus. I’d like to say I have bridged another step and used the hoist in my local leisure centre but I have bottled this on 3 occasions now. I know it is stupid, foolish and all in my head, but being such a nuisance for such a short amount of time in the water hardly seems worth it.

However having the hot tub full again means I have been able to do the exercises that I did in the first session. This session I started with more seated bicycle stretches, then inner and outer thigh movements. Limited movement and low reps with frequent rest. It seems every physio within a 50 mile radius has been warned of my tendency to push myself too hard and cause additional setbacks as yet another warned me of a maximum of 5.

Then we did some upper body and shoulder rotations and stretches. Whilst doing these I spoke about the pelvic tilt squats last time being too painful. Another important step for me, admitting what I couldn’t cope with. We also spoke about what the long term goals were for me and I admitted that I had this mental block with a hoist in a public pool and why.

As I cannot walk in the hot tub we tried a leaning crab walk (it is the best way I can describe it) only a few steps but it is something that I can take forward into the public pool. As before the 30 minute session passed quickly, but by the end I was shattered, I knew I’d worked out, although not the sweaty, heart racing lungs burning buzz I used to get, more the I cannot move to dry and dress myself let alone wheel out of the hospital feeling. As my physio today told me though, my long term goal should be to swim a length again. Nothing more adventurous, and that in order to get there we need to work on getting some of the extension in my upper back to spread down through my thoracic and lumbar region and work on getting some of the natural curvature of my spine back.

Having a background in exercise I have always found frustrating and annoying since my accident and with my current inability to do any sort of exercise let alone blood pumping, strenuous exercise, however when speaking with physios and talking exercise and stretches I love it as they talk to me as an equal. So there was some sort of buzz and excitement around exercise again, even if it was only when talking about it, and I was warned not to go and overdo it before my next session on Wednesday. Anyone would think I have a history of pushing myself to the extreme limits of my pain hahaha!


2 thoughts on “Hydrotherapy Session 2

    1. Thank you, your praise and use of the word inspirational is humbling, I do not feel I am worthy of such a description just a man going about it making the most of life, pushing myself and sharing my story so others know they are not alone, but thank you again 😊 x

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