Day 36 – Positives

In incredible pain and unable to do much without help today, and not even being able to get in the shower or the hot tub and I would usually have no positives to write, still with the help of my wife and LG I got dressed and we even had a little scooter ride this afternoon with the added bonus of bumping into our lovely neighbour, and some fellow supporters of what we are trying to achieve at the KHM, it seems I cannot go many places where I do not get supportive comments so that is a good thing. I also bumped into my good friend’s mum. I was causing chaos trying to get myself and my scooter through a very inaccessible gate and as I apologised for being a nuisance (it comes so naturally, and I often seem to be saying it, that I hadn’t even looked at who I was blocking) when a familiar voice retorted with “you’ve been doing that all your life” certainly made me laugh Doreen.

2 thoughts on “Day 36 – Positives

  1. I am sorry that you have had so much pain today. I am so glad that your daughter is so helpful snd that you managed to get out and about.
    What it is to be such a local celebrity. You have come so far from when we first met. The guy who worried about being seen when he went out in his wheelchair has long gone. He has been replaced with such a confident man, a man who I am sure is widely regarded as a local hero. Good for you and I hope you feel better today. xx

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    1. Not sure I would class myself as a hero, just passionate about a community park, a park that others feel the same about. Thank you for your kind words though, I’ll take any boost when spoons are so low love us x


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