Today my body gave in, after 4 days of my wife having a migraine and not being able to do so many things that I take for granted, well not take for granted but the things she does that gives me plenty of rest and spoon conservation. When she gets a migraine though we are talking of the worst kind, out of it for days, unable to focus, dark rooms, no sleep, vomiting, pounding headache and unable to eat and all the time the guilt of knowing I felt worse as a result. It was also probably me overdoing it and not pacing the shredding but doing it all in one go – how daft does that sentence sound “not pacing the shredding” it took all of 20 – 30 minutes, pay back for doing a good deed though!

This morning she felt a little more human, had some breakfast and wanted some fresh air. Unfortunately the result for me was a total go slow, it was still lunchtime and I was still in my dressing gown. My wife bless her, still not 100% then helped to strip wash me and get me dressed, before making lunch for all of us and then we headed out for a walk.It seems silly that doing an extra couple of things here and there can have such a profound effect on my health to the extent of not even being able to face a shower, the pressure of the water on my body, lifting my limbs to wash, it was just beyond me. It is also the reason why I am having to swallow my pride and sort out a personal budget 😦

So out we headed me on my scooter, my LG on hers (wanting to be like me) and my wife walking with us. A trip down to the river Tiffey followed, as pretty as it is down there I am sad to see how overgrown it has become, how inaccessible it is in places. Still the walk cleared out the cobwebs and my LG had lots of fun driving me and the scooter home as we chased the black clouds to avoid the rain. I also got to take some more of the random shots that intrigue me and I am fairly pleased considering they were all taken on my phone’s camera. One of the three of us, one an accidental one of my tattooed left forearm as I put the phone on my pocket, a cobbled stone wall, a house with amazing arches above the door, a funky door knocker and someone’s dog playing about in the river!

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