Day 37 – Positives 

Today was one of those days that in years gone by I would have happily stayed in bed, especially as our LG was up and about at quarter to 6 this morning. The day was however surprisingly positive. I remembered to book the skip for project man cave and shed clearance it will arrive tomorrow and should be the last stage in getting rid of all those parts of house moves, projects and so on that you collect over years, meaning with the garden clearance and a bit of raking nearly 5 years on we’re moved in.  

Oh no wait there’s still the kitchen to finish and a ramp to be put in, but at least we’re getting there now. Our two new ovens are wired in cheers Birdie and I look forward to using them once the hob is in and they can be christened together. Now all I’ve got to do is sync the clocks on them as for a few seconds they show different minutes – it’s the perfectionist in me hehehe

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