Day 39 – Positives

Today has been full of positives. Many of which I cannot mention as yet as until I get confirmation from others I cannot say too much, a cryptic teaser for you all. Suffice to say I had a really positive meeting with representatives of South Norfolk Council Leisure employees and hope to be doing an event with them in the near future at Wymondham Leisure Centre.

I also had a fantastic Norfolk Against Chronic Pain support group meeting, in addition to lots of laughing, caring and understanding, Barbara’s wandering hands we spoke about places with improved access, extras such as carer’s discounts, attractions for a range of ages and people and whether they hire scooters/wheelchairs etc.

Along with many other positives perhaps the most unexpected was a letter from the taxman telling me I’d overpaid tax last year and am due a rebate. Not a huge amount but hey a win is a win 🙂

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