Day 40 – Positives 

Today I have had another busy day and I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation days planned (although whether they remain such we will see). 

This morning I had another really positive Wymondham Access Group Meeting celebrating the good work that we have achieved in the short amount of time we have been created and setting out some goals for the coming months and years.

I was able to spend much of the afternoon in the hot tub fortunately after the busy days and the stresses the Hydrotherapy is having on me and remembering what I had to do today sorting out my special “controlled medication” Whilst soaking I was sorting out the man cave, clearing out years of junk accrued, paint from 3 homes ago and so on and so forth. Now to transfer by levitation and mind control this rubbish into the skip on the drive. I know I talk about my LG and her understanding and caring nature but just to demonstrate this having got out of the hot tub before me and gone through the rubbish etc she then started throwing away the old toys and stuff in the skip. So proud of her. 

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