Today has been another very tiring day, we treated our LG since she starts full time nursery at her new school tomorrow to a trip to Banham Zoo and had a lovely day. We hired one of their mobility scooters instead of taking my smaller one which meant I was able to do the Woodland Walk for once and get some snaps of the flamingos. My favourites as ever where the Big Cats and Monkeys, although they were hiding and camera shy today I did still get a couple of good shots of some monkeys.

The heat meant the snow leopards were in their air conditioned, cooled room

I did just before hometime finally get the Sri Lankan Leopards and the Tigers

As much fun as all this was and enjoying the opportunity to get my camera out again after far too long, the past part of the day was finally getting something read out on #TheLastLeg, this is a show that has helped me come to terms with my disability and allowed me to laugh at myself as much as they all do, and I have tried and tried to get a #isitok mention and although my topics have been mentioned my tweets haven’t until tonight, when naming brands after Paralympic  athletes I tweeted in Alfie Chewitts for our young up and coming tennis star Alfie Hewitt who is guaranteed two medals from his first paralympics at only 18 years of age well done Alfie #proud


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