Yet again late, but yesterday we visited my Gran (well my wife’s Gran, but she’s always called me her Grandson) and I love her to bits. She will be 92 this year and the horrible Alzheimer’s is taking it’s toll. Yesterday she was really upset as she is moving to a care home on Monday and is really worried about it. She hasn’t seen it, and has no idea how she will get there (this is the Alzheimer’s as we have all talked to her, her 4 children, and countless grandchildren and great grandchildren). It is all being organised by adult social services who have been very supportive throughout and the care home looks lovely.

We told her we will be back next weekend to see her and make sure she is all settled in. Gran has had a lovely long life and it was so hard seeing her yesterday as you start to see changes in her personality, awareness etc. I lost my maternal grandad to this illness when he was much younger and if anything it makes seeing Gran like this even harder. I gave her a huge hug goodbye and neither of us wanted to leave her. It is always lovely spending time with, she loves our children and smiles at our LG as she runs on and on at 200 words per minute, I know what the future holds but for now we cling on to the present and the past. Love you Granny with the White Hair.


2 thoughts on “Day 49 – Positives

  1. Store up those memories – one day you will need them. My Mum sadly passed away on 7th September, and I am now trying to write a tribute to read at her funeral. All those memories my sister and I had stored away came out last night, and are arranging themselves into a coherent pattern in my head. Thankfully Mum escaped Alzheimer’s, and died just as her lack of mobility was robbing her of the independance she prized. She was only ill for five days, and we are all agreed that it was her time to go. She was 92, and had a good life. I hope Granny with the white hair settles well in her care home, and continues to stay cheerful.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your mum Linda, I think losing her independence is Gran’s biggest fear when she is coherent. I am sure your tribute with your memories of her will form into the right words and balance. We’re hoping having her medication and some people around her will help, but most of all we hope she doesn’t suffer if she does not improve if you know what I mean. Thoughts with you and your family x


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