Day 52 Positives 

Yesterday was another dry day in the morning so we set off to nursery and it was good to bump into a friend from school who will soon be moving around the corner from me, it will be lovely for our children to grow up together and my LG is making friends at nursery. 

Afterwards I came home and once again had a comment read out on the right stuff. I unfortunately missed out on the phone in as I missed their email response whilst emailing several other people about the fun day we are trying to organise. Some you win, some you lose! 

In the afternoon I had a ride on the stair lift as my LG got perfect teeth reports from the dentist and a well done from her swimming instructor as her ability and confidence has grown loads (think our swim in the big pool last week helped) looking forward to doing it again this week. 

I ran out of spoons by about 4pm and had an afternoon doze to try and recharge especially receiving my low spoon t-shirts 👕 too. 

All in all a good day with plenty of Positives even if I was a spectator for most of them and my LG did much of the good work! 

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