Day 53 – Positives

Once again I am nearly a day late, it has been an exciting time of late, and doing an hour or so in the morning really knocks me out of spoons and makes me sooooooooo painful and in so much difficulty to do other things that I am pushing myself to the limit and having to learn to share the tasks with others.

I have 4 draft blogs under construction so watch this space……… Yesterday was a very good day full of positives, starting with hydrotherapy in the morning, a visit to see the in-laws in the afternoon, returning home to see my kitchen almost finished – hob in and operational, cookers operational I am really looking forward to cooking soon and having some friends over to share it with. I wonder what delights I can cook up……………

Then in the evening I got a phone call that was the perfect ending to the day. My big brother called to say that him and his fiancee are getting married next year and he has asked me to be his best man. I am honoured and privileged that he asked me and he should be scared as I have 38 years of memories for a speech……………..

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