Day 54 – Positives

Today has been a funny old day, the morning started well with Boccia Norfolk offering support, then I went on the scooter ride, not sure what I’ll do when it is raining but for now I appreciate the fun walks and scooter rides I have with my LG. They take up many spoons and I always return for a rest before heading out again. Today I popped to see my friends J & L for a cuppa and some adult conversation.

This afternoon I used the manual hoist for the second time. It really is like hanging over an ice bath, today the top of the water was ok, but as you are slowly lowered cm by cm into the water it is very undignified, you are hanging for a long time and as I timed my exit it took near enough 5 minutes to get me out and on to the wetside wheelchair. Don’t get me wrong the staff are fantastic, they are helpful, polite, have a laugh and make the whole process as “friendly” as it can be but still it is long and frustrating, my LG has to wait on poolside cold and I really hope some changes can come with the pool pod. Disregarding all this getting in the water, floating with my LG doing some gentle hydrotherapy exercises and seeing the confidence in her grow in just 4 weeks of lessons and 2 trips to the big pool makes all the hanging around purposeful.

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