It was a long week last week, our LG did her first full week at nursery and seemed to enjoy it for the most part. There was a wobble mid week but that’s been resolved by a wave goodbye each day through the windows. Not easy to see through so I just wave at them all now 😁

The school runs really took it out of me, the rushing to get out each day, a rest to recharge and then out again means my spoons are gone by lunchtime. I am hoping as my body slowly adjusts I will get used to it, and this will become part of my exercise routine replacing something else in the routine. It was OK in the warm dry weather, I may need to ask for support in the cold and wet, not sure how my scooter will perform in snow if we have any. The acknowledgement of needing support is a big step for me. 

We made the most of the sun by meeting my wife for lunch at Whitlingham and with it being the early stages of autumn got to enjoy the the beautiful colours in the trees and blue sky and water. From inside where we had lunch we could see the broad and the Railway track on the far side, it has OK access although the new gates installed I couldn’t open. Nonetheless we got to the water and the lovely views

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