Day 58 – Positives – out of the mouths of children

Yesterday was another productive morning of working on projects without there being much of an outcome. I did however have a good day and enjoyed being with my LG in the afternoon. We chased a huge spider around her nursery in the morning as she was trying to catch it and get rid of it to save one of her teachers. This evening however was a real highlight. When my wife was talking to my LG at bedtime she was talking about flying and my LG listed about 20 teddy bears and 2 pushchairs that she could take on aeroplanes in the future. My wife said you can’t run around and play on planes, to which my LG replied with “Seriously, you have got to be kidding!” My wife and I laughed lots at the tone and inclination in her voice

When did she go from 3 to 13…………

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