Day 59 – Day 61 – Positives (yes I’ve been slipping)

The days seem to fly by and I am now well out of timescales, I have however promised myself one thing with regards to the positives. That is not to beat myself up about being too tired to write my blogs, it means one of two things either I’ve been having fun, or overdoing it and hopefully a combination of the two. It was also suggested to me that as I am now in the 3rd year of positives that I could change them slightly, and one thing could be how I have overcome issues. I am learning how to not be too hard on myself, and to listen to my body, be less stubborn (this I am failing at mostly but that in itself is an improvement) and to stop and relax when my body tells me too.


I had a lovely morning working on emails and followed this by a meeting with a good friend who is a talented freelance copywriter and has helped me grow tremendously over the past year, reflecting on the courage she has given me to stand up (well sit down) for what I truly believe in, in a positive and proactive manner. Listening to others, being strong in myself and having a passion to care for others. It was a positive catch up and I am so pleased to have met her and become involved in community projects that make a difference.


I had my penultimate hydrotherapy session and that always knocks it out of me for the rest of the day, I spent the 30 minutes with low level stretches as I was in a high amount of pain, I didn’t want to cancel last minute and actually sitting in the water was relief itself. We discussed long term planning and how to keep up with my exercising and developing them so I can hopefully get back to my swimming many months from now. You have to have long term goals and small steps to get there!

In the afternoon we visited grandad for a cuppa and had a relaxing afternoon.


Today, we are back to the correct day, and we had our first experience of rain on the nursery run so looking as uncool as I possibly could I braved it in my poncho and off we set with my LG holding her Tiger umbrella, on the way we looked ok, coming home using her Tiger umbrella to keep my electrics and her care bear dry and me in a poncho I looked a little special, at least it had Darth Vader on it! I returned home cold and called on my neighbour for a warm cuppa and a gossip.

This afternoon I built on the success of last week and used the hoist again to go in the pool with my LG. She is coming on leaps and bounds and I get to do my exercises and float around. Even managed to get home and with the help of my LG and mum we prepared dinner for tonight and started tomorrow’s in the slow cooker. Bed is calling and I bid you all goodnight, or bon soir

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