A 3 year old’s logic – A Classic Line

It is coming up to our LG’s birthday and this means we are in the unenviable stage that all parents go through and dread and that is the questioning from family and friends of “what does she want for her birthday” it is compounded by being so close to Christmas as with our son his birthday is in March. This meant Christmas shopping could start in the summer, with our LG we dare not buy anything until after her birthday in case we double up!

Over breakfast the other morning we were talking to her and asking her what she would like for her birthday, pretty much any toy advertised gets added to her list, a sucker for jingles and phrases like “where your dreams come true”. Whilst talking to her we pointed out that she has a lot of toys and that perhaps she could start sorting through them and we could sell or donate stuff that she no longer plays with. I have to say she didn’t think this was the best idea, and we led with the big question, where are you going to put all your new toys then, as your cupboards are full, so what should we get rid.

It was at this point that one of her all time classic lines came out, after a long pause, some really intent thinking and looking around she said  “We could get rid of your furniture” well my wife and I just burst out laughing and said “where would be sit, where would eat breakfast” and she grinned and laughed and said “on the floor”

Her sense of humour never ceases to amaze me, and given the fact that my wife isn’t funny she is now the second funniest person in the house……………………

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