Only a day late, again…………yesterday we met with my wife’s cousins and uncle’s family and grandad for yet another fantastic meal at the Old Feathers. Our LG and their LB play really well together and their new addition I is adorable and has so much hair I am incredibly jealous. Since getting her tablet my LG also like me now enjoys taking photos so we can annoy people from 2 angles now. Her cousin K and me for once got given the bill and after counting up the adults and dividing we triumphantly declared the amount for each adult to pay. It took some time to come up with the number of adults and after counting, recounting, and counting again we settled on 11 (there was actually only 10 of us), unfortunately our counting error meant that we were short on the bill. The restaurant were very embarrassed and apologetic when they returned to tell us. We realised our error amidst much mocking from the family, something I am sure will continue for many more meals out. I bet we do not get the bill again though……

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