Today, without doubt it has to be our amazing trip to Colchester Zoo with some of our best friends and their children. There is always plenty of laughing when we go out and it started very early on when A told me he’d let me decide if it was a hairy thing in the bush we could see, and the day pretty much continued in that vain as we saw the Coppery Titi Monkey (one the 10 year old among us found as funny as we did), and as A came out with lines such as hold this warm sausage and give you a good hard push up there……………….seriously I ache as much from my mobility scooter batteries dying half way through the day and having to use my manual wheelchair and walk up some very steep hills as I do from laughing hard. I love big cats it is no secret and I have shared my love of them on here before. I am really chuffed with some of the images I managed to get today especially of the tigers and cheetah. So many other images too that I will enjoy editing and sharing. I know zoos are not the ideal place for animals, and that we would all rather them be in the wild with so much room but with countless animals that I have seen today critically endangered and with less than 1,000 in the wild in many cases were it not for breeding programmes some of these animals would become extinct. I saw magnificent creatures today, proud and glowing, not prowling like they were bored. Wild dogs that had just undergone a coup for top dog sporting the same behaviours they would in the wild, two of the most beautiful tigers I have ever seen in Anoushka and Igor, and penguins swimming and and enjoying themselves and sea lions showing off swimming lazily overhead backstroke and all. The current pain, and inability to stand was so worth it! Thank you to my wife and LG and our friends A,N and their boys B & O for a truly amazing day, and thank you to the staff at Colchester Zoo who have clearly made huge investment over the years, have some amazing animals and love them and have made leaps forward in accessibility on the site.

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