Keep Britain Tidy……. 

…….was a slogan I grew up with. Every sweet wrapper, every chewing gum wrapper had it on and picture of a person throwing litter in a bin. In this world of recycling that we live in today, it seems as though some people have forgotten the motto Keep Britain Tidy. Now with out going all deep, dark, moralistic and idealistic about what makes Britain Tidy I am sticking purely to rubbish. 

I do not know if the keep Britain tidy campaign continues today, I hope it does and maybe I’ve just missed the symbol of putting stuff in the bin 🚮 but when I look around I fear not. However it is something I believe in, and something we are bringing our children up to follow too. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean we do not recycle ♻ we do and we have more recycling than rubbish however we do still pick up rubbish when we are out. Well I don’t so much now as I can’t reach the floor one of the worst things about my disability, however my children do pick rubbish up on my behalf. 

In the last two days I have experienced two examples of littering the attitude to it, and what I think 🤔 I like to consider as the karma collector at work. Yesterday whilst at Colchester Zoo I was sat in my wheelchair next to a bin waiting for my family and friends (or famiends) to catch up to me from an inaccessible area. A young couple walking past me opened up some chewing gum and threw the rubbish on the floor. I said “seriously, you’re right next to a bin” to which the replied “f@#k you cripple” Now a year or so ago I would have erupted instead I ignored them and when my LG came to me from looking at the leopard 🐆 I asked her to pick it up and throw it away. 

Today, as we left the playground after nursery there was a piece of card on the floor. I said to my LG “can you grab that and we’ll throw it away on the way home” With no fuss she picked it up and off we went. When she passed it to me I noticed it was a lottery scratchcard. I didn’t think much of it and off we went. When we got to the bin I was about to chuck it in when I paused and looked at it and realised it was actually a winner. So apologies to anyone who has lost one but happy days that my LG continues to be her and tidies rubbish… It’s not a huge amount however it does show keeping Britain Tidy does pay! 

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