Day 67 – Positives – Uncle Mark needs a new name

Today has been a day that has troubled me greatly, not only did I have to cancel going to the council meeting last night but I had to cancel this evening’s trip to my support group Norfolk Against Chronic Pain. This is the pain that I hate most, the pain that stops me seeing and doing things I want to do. I have been doing so much of late that my body is screaming rest at me and making me shut down every afternoon without fail. Even when I try my hardest to stop it. Fortunately my mate Jezza had a few choice words and pearls of wisdom for me.

My positive for the day has to be a combination of getting an extra unexpected day with my wife before she changes roles, spending some of that planning our LG’s birthday and lastly getting to enjoy the afternoon with my brother in law. Was lovely to see him and have a catch up on the family. Really proud of my sister and nieces and had a good laugh. He was probably fed up of hearing Uncle Mark over 1000 times and that his name has been worn out 🙂 but he certainly kept my LG happy. The conversation paid it’s normal toll on me though and after he said goodbye my body went into shut down mode and next it was 5.30pm and tea was ready. Sad times and happy times all at once.

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