Day 74 – Positives #prouddaddy

Today has been a day of 2 halves, both of which have had me beaming with joy, but that warrant two separate blogs. Given the choice my positive comes from this morning as it was a personal achievement or milestone of my LG’s short lifetime, and therefore takes priority.

This morning was her first ever class assembly or autumn festival as they called it. Being that one awkward parent in a wheelchair (I jest, the school are fantastic and caring) we had our own VIP entrance (again I jest, we had to use the slope and not the stepped entrance). Getting in the classroom the chairs were out for all the parents with a gap for me to park up. Little touches like this mean a lot to me, it saves on the awkward asking to have chairs moved, and wherever they move them are then always in the way. They then positioned our LG in front of us, so we could see her. Brilliant, I was over the moon and as she sat there smiling and waving at me and my wife I was over the moon and beaming with joy.

Then they started talking about all the things that they have been learning in the 3 and a half weeks they have been there. They sung two songs, my LG loves singing and she remembered all the words, and actions and you could hear her really clearly, beaming even more. She held up a picture of a hedgehog that she had made out of leaves and glitter and told everyone how she had done it with a LB who just so happened to be our next door neighbours grandson. I was even proud of how well she sat there throughout, well behaved, a few cheeky smiles and waves and politely putting her hand up to answer questions.

On top of all this a couple of other mums spoke to us about our LG going round to play with their children, not only is she doing really well, she is more importantly making friends. I left buzzing, she is such a little star and bring joy to me everyday, today I was proud and all those doubts I have about the way my disability impacts on her melted away. I was invited to others (acceptance) and my LG showed how rounded she is, we even left her nursery to her proudly telling me that she used the toilets at the nursery for the first time today all on her own.

A real day of being #prouddaddy

2 thoughts on “Day 74 – Positives #prouddaddy

  1. Well done, LG! A good start to her schooldays. And well done to the school for being so understanding. And maybe now you’ll believe all those who said your disability wasn’t having a negative impact.

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