Finally the reason can be revealed why I have been so tired and missing my positives. I have been working with the Wymondham Access Group that I helped set up in March this year to improve access to my hometown. Having accepted my own disability and the issues I face daily I wanted to give back to the local community I grew up in and help improve the lives of others in the community. We have in a short amount of time worked on a number of projects in the local community and recently I have been working hard to submit a bid for funds from the Aviva Community Fund to improve access at our local swimming pool.

Swimming and hydrotherapy is something that is so beneficial to a wide variety of people, not only is it a life saver for everyone to be able to swim, people of all ages will benefit with improved access. The pod is designed to help so many different people, parents with children who cannot climb down the steps carrying them, pregnant people who find traditional access difficult, those with visual impairments, people undergoing physio and rehabilitating following an injury, anyone with a mobility issue, wheelchair users right through to the oldest members of our society. You can vote for the project by clicking Here

2 thoughts on “Vote For “Widening Swimming Access in Wymondham”

    1. Thank you Linda, no idea on what is enough to get to the final judging stages but we can hope. We have started fundraising separately as we believe that the pod is the most dignified way of accessing a swimming pool.


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