Blue badge abusers be warned….. 

​I was in Sainsbury Friday morning and there was an attendant checking cars in blue badge bays and the attendant handed out 2 £60 fines in the time it took to get my shopping and wheelchair into car, for people not displaying blue badges. He even walked all around the cars to see if he could see a blue badge in door etc that had forgotten to be put out before ticketing. 

When I spoke to him he was almost apologetic to me for doing it. I shook his hand and told him to keep up the good work. I even gave him the tip of asking people to see the photo on card to make sure the card was being used by the correct person. He was really pleased I spoke to him and reassured him that people using their badges would never begrudge showing their photo. A blue badge is a lifeline and independence to the thousands of people who use them properly and legitimately, they’re not a reward, and I will always support people checking cars aren’t abusing the system.  Keep up the good work Sainsburys (maybe fines could be donated to local disability groups or am I being greedy now)? 😁

It is all about education we pulled up to our daughters nursery the same morning and couldn’t park in the disabled bays as someone had pulled over and parked across both bays whilst their partner/friend unloaded 2 children and numerous bags, yes it was raining and cold but seriously think about it, as the adult and 2 children walked off all under umbrellas staying dry my wife and I got soaked getting the wheelchair out and making our way to the nursery unable to hold umbrellas. Think 🤔 people please! 

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