I just wanted to take time out to write a very personal blog to family and friends. I am aware that for the last few months I have been trying to catch up with many of you and I have failed miserably.

Everyone who I was meant to catch up with please accept my apologies. Our first foreign holiday since our honeymoon (9 years ago) took lots of resting up in preparation before going to be able to handle the flight and journey and still enjoy the holiday itself. Since it was our first and probably last overseas for many years I really wanted and needed some quality time with my family, and I am sure you all understand this. Having my broken on the flight home has not only left me grounded, but as they are custom built to my measurements & the ones I have kindly had lent to me, or borrowed from shops etc for the odd trip out have sadly massively increased my pain and to be honest I am trying to avoid using them as much as possible.

Thomson have finally agreed after lots of blood, sweat, tears, shouting and more tears, to replace my wheelchair. I am now waiting for them to pay the company I originally purchased it from so they can order me my replacement. Laughably they initially told me a BACS transfer can take up to a fortnight to go through and many other things, until I told them I was disabled not stupid, and that having worked in a Bank I knew BACS payments should go through same day now. I have now had Felgains on call for 2 days checking their bank for the transfer which is yet to arrive. This has left me tired and in need of a holiday although this will not be in a plane…hehehe…πŸ˜› I am hoping they receive this money tomorrow and that my new chair arrives before Christmas and I will get to see many of you during the festive season or early 2017.Once again Felgains have been brilliant throughout, like they were when we first purchased the chair and have agreed at no extra cost to courier the wheelchair direct to me to speed this up. They may be an hours drive away but their customer service has been second to none, they had my confirmation the chair was a write off the day after we landed and the letter and quotes needed emailed to me and in paper format within 24 hours meaning the only delay has been Thomson themselves.

I know I have in past years gone AWOL this time of year as the anniversary of my accident approaches but this has not been the case this year, in fact I have been feeling much better prepared mentally about this, this year more than any other year typically. I have reflected on all I do now and the good things I have as opposed to what I have lost, and this has been a huge change. Especially ironically as I have been stuck indoors and usually cabin fever creeps in within one afternoon.

I am truly very sorry for my lack of getting out and seeing people and feel I have let many good friends down (including the chance of meeting several new born babies who will be walking at this rate by the time I see them) but please do not think I have been ignoring you, please do hassle me to book some dates in, in the new year and above all else please don’t give up on me and we will catch up soon. Love me xxx

5 thoughts on “Disabled Friend v Lame Friend

  1. I hope you soon get your wheelchair. Two hours for a BACS payment, or so I was told by the lovely lady in the Nationwide when I paid my credit card bill for next year’s flight to Oz. Look forward to meeting in the New Year if poss, we will have lots to catch up on! Keep smiling, as my Dad used to say.

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